Sony Playstation Portable Versus Nintendo DS

The PSP is a sensational handheld gaming console owing to its wide screen and graphics engine. The graphics on its gorgeous 4.3 inch LCD screen displays about 16.77 million colors with a screen resolution of 480 by 272 pixels. The graphical clarity of its games comes close to the Playstation 2 caliber. The PSP is capable of displaying stunning graphics and animations as well as DVD quality movies. No handheld gaming console ever comes close to the visual quality of the PSP.

The DS is by all means unique in terms of its graphical interface and gaming style. Amusingly, the DS has two 3 inch LCD screens capable of displaying 260,000 colors with a resolution of 256 by 192 pixels. The DS is inferior in terms of graphical quality, so you might say. But get this, with dual screens and with the touch-sensitive bottom screen, the DS revolutionized the world of gaming as we know it.

If you have previously tried Sony gaming consoles, you will be very familiar with the control scheme of the PSP. The PSP lives up to the Playstation name by inheriting its renowned button layout. Much like the original Playstation and Playstation 2 controller, the PSP offers comfortable and effective gaming controls as the company was known for. Probably a major setback was the exclusion of the two shoulder buttons and the right analog stick, which played a vital role in many games especially in First-Person Shooters. But hey, it’s a portable console and it’s supposed to be handy and not bulky. So it is acceptable for the PSP to have some limitations in controls compared to the much flexible Playstation controller. Nonetheless, the PSP’s control scheme brings the gaming feel to whoever wants to have some hardcore gaming fun.

The touch screen feature is arguably the most amazing feature of the DS. In terms of control flexibility and style, the DS can’t be beat. With the included stylus, you can play a number of games by touching the bottom screen. What’s even more impressive is the handwriting recognition of some DS games. There are puzzle and math games which require you to write onto the screen the correct answers to win. Many other platform and interactive games require you to perform certain strokes using the stylus to perform feats such as jumping, swinging the sword, and others. Another surprising feature of the DS is voice command using the unit’s integrated microphone. Some DS games require you to speak words or phrases. With its uniqueness, the DS brings fun in gaming in the quirkiest and most amusing way.
With regards to the game library, the PSP is flooded with games compared to the DS. This is because the PSP is capable of receiving ports or mellowed down versions of games from the major consoles due to its powerful graphics engine. With this, one might notice that most of the PSP’s games are portable versions of console games. The DS on the other hand, has its own unique and exclusive game library composing of famous Nintendo franchise games and the like. Although lacking in epic games such as those in the PSP, the DS makes up by having its own share of short but fun games. Therefore, the common connotation for many is that the PSP is for hardcore gamers while the DS entertains both casual gamers and fans of the Nintendo franchises.

Handheld gaming consoles are meant to give the fun gaming experience expected of these devices. However, since the development of special firmware for the PSP, the ability to play games is just one of its many functions. The PSP is capable of viewing pictures and playing music and video files. The PSP also has an internet browser for surfing the net using wireless LAN. There are even custom firmware or homebrew applications to enable the PSP to play games from previous generations of consoles. Having special firmware is the huge advantage of the PSP over the DS. The DS is sadly not capable of any of these, except being able to play Game Boy Advance games and running Pictochat, an embedded messaging application that wirelessly connects all DS units within range.

Both the PSP and DS can play multiplayer games through their wireless connection capabilities. PSPs can connect with other PSPs via Ad Hoc, which is a small range wireless frequency for exclusive PSP use. The DS can also do the same, having its own exclusive frequency only detected by DS units.

Being portable gaming consoles, the battery life is one of the user’s major concerns. With a CPU clock running at a tremendous 333 MHz equaling a Pentium III’s power, the PSP can only last up to 4 to 6 hours when in use. The DS takes one big leap as it can surprisingly last for up to 10 hours even while supporting its brightly lighted dual screens.

In the end, it is really up to you to determine which portable gaming console suits your preferences. The visual prowess, multimedia perks, and wide array of games may draw you to the PSP, but you have to consider the unique gaming style and exclusive games of the DS. The PSP is sold generally at a higher price, which makes the DS more affordable among the two. Whatever your choice, you are certain to experience the gaming pleasure anytime and anywhere with the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS.

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New Exclusive High Tech Mini Audio Components Arrive in North America

Imagine a world of audio components where extraordinary power and quality drive premium sound through your everyday electronics yet, are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand. For the first time in North America, you can readily access Firestone Audio's exclusive line of world class miniature audio components. Taking today's digital needs and connecting music lovers to high quality audio like no other.

In this age of multitasking and high tech entertainment technology, where speed of information transfer and it's multimedia value are of top priority, Miniature Audio is more than happy to announce Firestone Audio products in North America.

Firestone represents the diversity in audio by offering everything that a contemporary multimedia enthusiast would want for pursuing his/her musical needs. Let it be a DAC (digital to analog converter) that would pull quality audio from your CD or DVD player, a USB audio converter for streaming audio from your PC; a tube preamplifier that would warm your digital sounding tracks, a mini power amp for you speakers, a phono preamplifier to revive your analog hidden treasures and a chosen selection of headphone amplifiers; this line of miniature audio components has it all.

Acquiring music has never been as easy as it is today. With a few clicks of a button you can dive into an almost unlimited library of past and present musical history. Much of our younger generation does not even know how good music can sound. Our goal is to provide a link between the music lovers and high quality audio components that really complement even the newest music playing technologies.

The Firestone audio line offers a high quality bridge between the demanding and rational audio consumer and the vast musical landscape. Your dvd, CD, digital radio or MP3 player simply deserve the company of a solid audio component to enhance your musical experience.

Firestone proves that audio equipment doesn't have to be big in size to sound good. Components are miniature and modular, whose designs are more than appealing, and offers a variety of colors to suit individual tastes of buyers.

We all want the best for our money and that demands clever and quality solutions. Firestone audio offers state of the art electronics with highly optimized and selected components for no compromise, premium audio playback. Each unit is lab tested before it leaves the company and is 100% guaranteed.

Firestone audio components are offering great value at a fraction of the cost. For an affordable price, you'll be served with quality electronics that are designed simply to play music at your hearth level. You will surely enjoy and trust the build quality and the clever electronics solution shown inside each Firestone audio component.

Miniature Audio believes they can assure the best customer service with their knowledge, experiences and the right motivations with Firestone Audio. "We simply love music and audio technology ourselves. This influences and pushes us to move ahead and into the future."

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A Mobile with exclusive Features - Apple iPhone

apple i phone
Apple's iPhone has evoked unprecedented response in the United States and the rest of the world. The Time magazine declared the iPhone as the Invention of the Year 2007. There are many speculations that the iPhone will be launched in India as well. Some media reports reveal that the phone may feature at Reliance Retail stores. Though many claim that the phone is already available in the grey market, there is still a wait for those who want the phone through legitimate channels.

Initial results in the United States are encouraging. Here, Apple has a 28 percent market share, which is way ahead of the 21 percent share that other Windows Mobile powered smart phones have between them. Furthermore, despite lower iPhone sales in Europe as expected by Apple, iPhone has moved into 5th position there.

According to Pete Cunningham, senior analyst, Canalys, considering limited operator and country coverage, Apple has shown that it can make a difference, which has sent a wake-up call to the market leaders in the mobile phone industry. Moreover, research by Canalys shows that Apple has leaped to the third place in the global smart phone market by selling 2,321,000 iPhones worldwide, providing it a 6.5 percent share, regardless of having gone on sale only in June 2007.

Rolling along, the iPhone is an attractive phone to look at. Also, it has a range of brilliant options and innovative designs. However, the iPhone comes locked to a single operator, which means that if you want the phone, you also need to sign a contract with the carrier as well.

For example, you might wonder that if you purchased an iPhone in the USA, you might want to know if it will work here in India. The answer is that purchasing an iPhone in the United States gets you into an iPhone specific contract with the American operator - AT&T, so the phone will not work in India, as it is locked to AT&T in the United States.

Surely, many individuals in India will be curious and inquisitive about the iPhone. The first look at an iPhone reveals its extraordinary small size. It is only 11 mm thick with a high-resolution 3.5in touch screen and it weighs only about 135 grams. Unexpectedly, there is no keyboard, because Apple created a virtual keyboard that gets displayed on the screen. It houses very few buttons on the body, and they too are flush with the design. The home button is an exception because it is discreetly placed on the front of the phone.

There's every thing in the iPhone that you can virtually dream of. It is a wide screen iPod, mobile phone, and internet communications device that includes a television, movie player, computer phone, GPS, camera, and iPod - all bundled into one. Apple has utilized the magic of technology to integrate all this in one single device and present it to the 21st century generation. There's so much in this 11 mm wonder.

Let's examine some additional features that the iPhone has. It comes bundled with a host of options like with a 2-megapixel camera, headphone jack, sleep/wake switch, speaker and microphone. Besides this, there's a SIM card slot that is located at the top of the phone. Connectivity frills include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and support for EDGE technology.

The sleekness of the phone instantly draws your attention and you at once would like to feel it. The entire phone is completely touch activated, which means that you point a finger to an icon and touch the screen to launch the relevant program. This makes navigation an easy task on this phone considering the number of applications and the overall functionality of this phone.

With the help of navigation, there's no need to punch buttons or frantically search and dial numbers. You just touch the number or the name of the person, and voila! You can connect to that person in a jiffy. The iPhone also allows you to merge calls in conference mode. Instead of going through all the voice mails one by one, the iPhone innovatively lets you see all the messages and decide which one you want to listen to.

The iPod constituent of the phone allows you to listen to over 16 hours of music in one single charge. The selection of songs is also simple, since you just point to the song to activate it. The iPhone is also a mini internet computer that makes use of the Safari Browser. This browser fully includes a built in Google and Yahoo search. At the same time, it can also access email and read a webpage alongside.

People in India will still have to wait to lay their hands on an official version of the phone. Across the world, the iPhone has been dubbed as a revolutionary phone. However none of the features that it supports are new to the mobile phone market. The revolution is in how Apple has combined all this information into the iPhone for the users to create a new experience that will propel this notion forward. Certainly, the aesthetic beauty of the product is going to reflect positively on Apple's earnings!

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Digital Body Worn Cameras

Digital Body Worn Camera
What is small than a credit card, takes up to eighty quality digital photos, can be used as a web cam and carries your keys, as well? This is simply one of the best body worn cameras available on the market today. It is a keychain digital camera. When you leave the house, do you ever go anywhere without your keys?

Probably not, so why not take along a great little body worn camera with you and use it to catch all of the action and memories that you would have lost had you not had this digital camera keychain with you? It has sixteen megabytes of memory and operates on a "AAA" battery. Then when you are ready, just download your photos and you are ready to roll.

Want to know about another great little digital body worn camera? This little gem looks just like a cigarette lighter, a great innovation for all of you smokers. But not only does it take great digital photos, it can also be used to send live video across the Internet. Imagine using a lighter to talk face to face with your friends while you are online.

And it works with most windows based programs. You will get great pictures every time with this camera’s automatic exposure and white balance features. So that regardless if you are a professional photographer or a rank novice, you will get the kinds of photos that you desire. These are perfect body worn cameras for private investigators, too. The lighter camera is capable of take up to 104 VGA pictures or 30 SXGA pictures.

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Lcd monitors- Experience the digital enigma

dell lcd monitor
Liquid crystal Display comes to make a mark in the market with its ideal and unique features. Technology is advancing and developing by every passing day. The usual cathode ray tubes (CRT) have become obsolete these days. LCD monitors are mostly preferred these days and are leading the monitor market with their unique features. People tend to facilitate their tasks now with the latest gadgets.

Computers are the essential components of every household. They have the ability to execute multiple tasks and do not require much time in doing so.

They come with a great storage capacity and have the ability to store massive documents and files of the users.

While buying a computer, the consumer often frets over various things like the storage capacity, the size of the hard disk etc, but the most essential component of the computers is its monitors. The first thing that concerns the users is to have an access to the perfect viewing quality. The liquid crystal display consumes less power and is not frequently prone to screen flicker.

The best advantage of owning such monitors is that its physical size is much smaller than the conventional monitors are. The compact and lightweight feature of these monitors enhances them further. These are attractive thin monitors and can be carried anywhere comfortably by the users. As these monitors disperse more sharpness and brightness to every minute pixel of an image with the help of electronic and liquid crystals, they provide top quality pictures. This further ensures that the lightest colour also gets detected.

These monitors possess a reliable tonal feature that displays text of great contrast too. As such these features enable the users to view images even when the light is of low quality. The trademarks of these monitors for which they boast off are its high-resolution quality and top quality pictures. These monitors are good for computing, as it does not affect the user's eye directly. The flexibility and the reliability are assured in these monitors.

With these flat displays, the users have the freedom to enjoy more space of the screens in terms of size. As they consume less energy, the users do not have to worry regarding the consumption of energy.

If you want to avail such monitors, visit the online stores. Online shopping would enable you to get the various offers and benefits provided by them. You can easily such site without even paying the membership fees. Browsing those sites would give you the latest information regarding the advanced and stylish gadgets available in the market. It further ensures that the consumers are able to get the required information of their preferred products. LCD monitors from various brands are available in such online shopping stores. You have the freedom to enquire about your preferred products features to satisfy your concern that it would perfectly suit your entire requirement.

The online stores are greatly changing the trends of shopping among the people. It facilitates your shopping process as it enables you to chat with people when you are shopping online. This interactivity feature enables you to compare the features and also the prices. This feature would ensure that you have a superb time during your shopping process. You can also enter into deals to avail them at affordable prices. These online stores enable the consumers to avail various offers and benefits to lure them to their site.

Internet is developing at a past pace these days. They have creped in almost all the activities and phase of life. We rely on internet to facilitate our various important official and personal works. So now, you can visit the authentic websites to avail the most attractive deals and offers. However, the consumer should bear in mind that the prime thing while doing online shopping is to check the credibility of those websites as fraudulent do exists everywhere. Find the gadget of your choice, check whether they would perfectly suit all your requirements and then try to avail them.

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Points To Consider Before Buying A Car Dvd Player

The runaway success of DVD can be attributed it to its being able to store more data and offering crystal clear clarity with awesome precision. DVDs are taking over CDs in almost all walks of life.

More often than not, people have started developing their inclination towards the DVDs and the overwhelming consumer response to selling of DVD players on online stores and outlets speak volumes of the growing popular preference towards the DVDs. It goes without saying that most of us dream of rocking to the heady beats of our favorite tracks even while we are on the go. It is no wonder then why many vehicle owners, these days, are not hesitating to splurge big bucks on a good DVD player to enrich their driving experience.

If you are a car owner and planning buy such a gadget for your vehicle, make sure you know the tidbits of choosing the right DVD player for you. When you decide to buy a DVD player for your car, apart from the price factor, there are a wide range of other factors that you should be taking into consideration as well. Make sure you know them well before you proceed to invest your savings on any DVD player.

Given below is the lowdown on various aspects of DVD players that every wannabe DVD owner must be aware of.

Components of DVD players:

What most DVD player buyers usually are not aware of is that most often they don`t come with speakers, TV tuners, TV antennas, wires, brackets or other components. If you are purchasing a DVD player online, ensure that it comes with all its components necessary to make it work. Even when you are buying a DVD player for your car from an outlet at nearest shopping mall, don`t forget to ask the salesperson about the important components and whether they will cost your additionally.

USB Devices and Flash Memory Cards:

It is usual for many people to have USB devices and flash memory cards to carry out different day to day activities. If you already have one with you and planning to buy a DVD player for your car, ensure that the DVD player is compatible with the music file format supported by your USB device or flash memory card. Also check whether the DVD player has plug-in function and USB ports.

Multi-Regional DVD players:

A sizable portion of DVD players now a days have become multi-regional which primarily means they can play DVDs of different types. Some DVD players may not support all DVD types. Hence, it is very important ensure that you DVD player supports the major DVD types.

LCD Touch Screen:

While driving a car, nobody will want to search for that tiny knob to change music or replay the particular track. A touch screen will help the user do it smoothly and this is why most car DVD player buyers look out for this function while purchasing DVD players. Usually, it doesn`t cost a lot to buy a DVD player with the touch screen feature; hence it is worth paying attention to this aspect while buying a DVD player for your car.

Buying a DVD player for your car calls for a meticulous analysis of your specific needs and purchasing capacity. As you enter the market of electronic gadgets, you will be spoiled with a wide range of choice.

However, the secret of buying the right DVD player lies in the in-depth of analysis of different aspects as explained above. It is worth spending sometime planning your DVD player before you settle down for one.

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Philips DVD Players: the Leader Show the Path, Others Simply Follow

phillips DVD player
If you are looking for the cheap DVD players in the traditional as well as in the online market then you will have to perform a detailed market survey. This survey will help you to get the "best deal". This deal refers to the availability of best product which is preloaded with the advanced features and comes with best price. You must consider things such as brand name, product quality, resolution, price, substitute products, contrast ratio, warranty and customer service. All these factors help to ensure that the product will be at par with its value.

Most of the modern day cheap DVD players offer most of these features but you must protect your purchasing decision from cheap and duplicate products. These duplicate products are low on quality and can damage your resources besides delivering a low-quality performance.

If you are looking at some of the most acclaimed names in the world of DVD technology then big names such as Sony, Samsung and Philips DVD players are the perfect options for you. Philips has been an uncrowned leader in the DVD world as almost all of its products were able to win the laurels of the customers.

The Philips DVP4000, Philips DVP 3120 and Philips DVP3026 are some of the highly acclaimed DVD players in the present day market. These advanced and affordable Philips DVD players offer a high degree of portability, reliability, performance, quality and consistency at affordable prices. One thing is for sure, these high quality yet cheap DVD players will never let you down when it comes to performance and quality, even in the long run.

Most of the modern day customers feel that affordability and quality cannot come with a single DVD device, this is not true. The Philips DVD players have shown remarkable strength when the delivery of high-quality performance at affordable prices in the short as well as the long run is concerned. This is the sole reason why Philips has been able to create such a robust goodwill for itself on a consistent basis in the last few decades.

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The Nintendo Wii is for All Age Groups

nintendo wii gaming systemThe Wii is much smaller than what most people expect it to be. It is smooth, distinctive and looks good. The Wii-mote, as the remote is referred to, is easy to use once you are familiar with the keys. The Nunchuck control is also good when you connect it to the Wii-mote for playing the games included with the system. You can buy additional games when you wish to do so. The sensor bar is very easy to set up and the entire setup doesn't take long to start gaming. The Wii comes with owner manuals and it is recommended that you go through the manuals so that you understand the system well enough to get the most out of it.

When you start playing the Wii games you will find that they require some physical participation from you. This is because of the motion-sensor technology built into the controller. This enables you to play, for example a game of tennis, using the Wii-mote as a tennis racket. The classic Wii controller is sold separately.

Playing the Wii games will enable you to get into shape, and stay that way. You may select the games you enjoy playing for regular exercise such as tennis, bowling, and boxing. The Wii includes a fitness age test for assessing your physical condition after a few rounds of some of the games included. The Wii assesment takes into consideration your speed, balance, reaction, timing as well as some other characteristics of your physical dexterity. If you play with the Wii regularly, your fitness will definitely improve.

You can connect to Nintendo's website either using wireless (WiFi) or ethernet. Once you are logged in, you will be able to download additional games to your Wii. Using the "Virtual Console" you will be able to use the Wii's backwards capability to play Nintendo's NES games, Super Nintendo games, Sega Master System games and Turbogrfx. You can pay for these games with points purchased with your credit card. Alternatively, you can buy the Nintendo Points cards at your local gaming store or supermarkets such as Walmart or Target, and then redeem these points for games.

Using the Nintendo Wii you can access a weather channel, a voting channel where you can cast your vote on various issues, an Internet channel where you use a web browser to surf the net and you can even register friends and colleagues so that you can email them.

The Nintendo Wii is not just for kids, and is highly recommended for all age groups. Even experienced gamers who have purchased the Nintendo Wii just love it. The Wii is great fun, has vast potential for entertainment. With it's online features, the Wii is a wonderful experience for everyone. If you have been putting off purchasing the Wii or thought that the Wii remote control was not well designed, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is best for you to buy the

Wii and try it out yourself.

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How Satellite Radios Function

XM Samsung Satellite Radio
Numerous people has a question in mind that how does satellite radio work? Answer to this question lies is that we should first understand how satellite how analog radio works. Standard analog radio works by broadcasting the radio frequency to local transmitters and then on to the listener. New and most advanced satellite radio works similarly but instead of using stationary transmitters with limited range to broadcast their media to the people, they use mobile Satellites.

Orbiters are equipment that orbit the earth and can pick up and transmit signals globally instead of just in a limited area. Orbiter bounces the transmitted radio frequency off of the satellite and out to the millions of satellite radio listeners around the world. It has increased the satellite radio industry and has made satellite radio a staple media avenue in our everyday lives. A layman, who is interested in satellite radio purchases, will go for the best. A device like satellite radio whether it be stationary or portable, we purchase the desired satellite radio service from whichever service provider offers us the best variety of programming. Formerly the subscription to this service is established, the device is programmed into a database of devices that are allowed to receive specific radio transmissions from specific satellites. Database entry then sends a signal to the device to decrypt satellite frequencies, providing the user with audible satellite radio reception. Numerous service providers may use different marketing gimmicks to gain a customer base, claiming to have better coverage or what not. But, when it comes down to it, The only difference which could be considered is the limitations put on the satellite radio by the databases and what programs and filters any individual service provider may be using to limit the access their customers have to the satellite radio feed.

Almost all service providers offer special features, or special programming which is solely controlled by their databases and the servers they use to transmit the satellite radio feed. But the service provider never explains to the customer the answer to the question of how does satellite radio work? If subscription to the satellite is not paid, just as with any utility nowadays, the service provider may then send a signal to the device, removing its rights to decrypt satellite radio transmissions. Numerous technologies in the past, prior to the radio technology have used satellites to widen the spectrum of their services, such as telecommunications such as cell phones. Logic of each service is relatively the same in the fact that a person uses a device such as a satellite radio, or cell phone, to request a transmission through a service provider’s database. When subscription is paid for the transmission is allowed from the satellite to the user giving us satellite capable radio devices.

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Advanced Consumer Electronics

Consumers are highly interested in the consumer electronics market because of the advancements made in electronic circuits and software applications. People have the opportunity to link with other uses on the internet with the advanced consumer electronics products on the market today. Some game players feel that they have a greater advantage over opponents due to the wireless technologies that are incorporated into these advanced game systems.

One of the features in advanced consumer electronics that people are very interested in, are the various applications that give consumers higher levels of productivity. Consumers purchase electronic devices such as personal digital assistants to conduct work while they are away from the office. The features allow the businessperson to link with the computer at the office and download files through advanced features such as web browsers at speeds that are comparable to those that are found through advanced networks at the office.

New consumer electronics products are being developed daily to provide consumers with more advanced features. Product surveys are sent to consumers in an effort to maintain a pulse on what the consumer wants and consumer product reviews submitted by internet users will relay back what consumers think of the advanced innovations currently offered in electronics.

Some ideas for product improvements will come from consumers who are not technically oriented, but are avid enthusiasts in the computer gaming field. These users will provide improvement ideas to sections of a game currently on the market to developers via email and developers who attend planning meetings held throughout the year will carefully consider these ideas for advancement of the same product or the idea will be considered for the development of future game products.

Some advanced features are incorporated into consumer electronics that are used every day in homes by consumers. The advanced electronics designs combine stereo capabilities with selection capabilities for music source preference. Consumers can choose to listen to radio stations through the electronics device or a compact disk can be selected as the medium to achieve the same music sounds. Some consumers use advanced electronics capabilities to enjoy surround sounds found normally in a theatre.

The entertainment possibilities are vast with the advanced electronics options offered today. Consumers have the option of viewing televisions with various sized screens, which are equipped with circuits that transmit the images with such clarity that televised events are very realistic. High definition televisions are a hot product today, but when these were first introduced, buyers were skeptical and took a wait and see attitude before buying. Many consumers wanted to see what other advanced consumer electronics were on the horizon before committing to a purchase of a high definition television.

Plasma televisions experienced the same lag in consumer interest but are now lower priced and are increasingly gaining in popularity everyday. These electronic viewing screens mystified consumers last year and are continuing to peak consumers interest because these electronic devices are equipped with the most advanced features on the market today in television viewing markets.

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Ten Desirable Travel Gadgets

It goes without saying that when you set off on your travels you pack clean clothes, toiletries and other essentials – such as headache tablets – into your chosen luggage type. But, to get the most out of your time on the move on in your hotel, what else should you take with you? Here's a top ten of useful items and gadgets:

1. Universal plug – If you are planning to use anything electrical, such as a hair dryer, travel iron or mobile phone charger in your hotel room, then make sure the universal plug is one of the first items you pack.

2. Travel Iron – Unless the grungy, crumpled look is really your thing, pack away a handy little travel iron. You never know when you'll need that groomed, suave and sophisticated look when on your travels.

3. Archos portable media player – Even on the longest trips you'd be hard-pushed to run out of options with this player. The 160GB memory version holds a staggering 450 full-length movies, 1.6 million photos or almost 80,000 tunes.

4. Laptop with WiFi – Most of the world's big hotel chains and indeed a lot of the quality independents are now fitted with wireless allowing easy and convenient log-in to your own laptop.

5. Mobile phone and charger – Unless you resolutely refuse to be contactable on your travels, don't forget your phone and charger! Remember to ensure that your provider has enabled you for roaming before you go! It can also act as your camera!

6. Beer bottle goblets – Even if you can't get your hands on your favourite ale while away you can always think you're drinking it. With upended Stella and Sol beer bottles presented as goblets, these are an inventive and novel way to hold your drinks!

7. The Good Book – no not an actual printed bible, but a very cunningly disguised lookalike in which you stash away a 4oz stainless steel flask inside. It's a great place to hide you booze, as even the most hardened criminal is unlikely to look in the bible for goodies!

8. Hairdryer – this article is not just for the ladies. Most hotels may have their own version but make sure that you pack your 1600watt monster if you want more than a gentle breeze to cross your barnet in your hotel room.

9. Washing up powder and sewing repair kit – Look after your clothes in a cheap and cheerful manner by washing them yourself in the hotel sink! It saves an absolute packet on hotel fees and keeps you sparkling and fresh. Any repairs can be patched up with your sewing kit!

10. First aid kit – Can literally be a lifesaver depending on to where you are traveling. For example if visiting tropical countries serious consideration should be given to taken items like malaria tablets, anti-biotics and sun creams. Even non-tropical travels should include at least headache and gastric relief tablets!

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iPhone Wonderscape - Enhance Your iPhone with Media Downloads

You may be asking yourself why I chose to help advertise iPhone Nova. Well, I know for a fact iPhone Nova is the BEST source of iPhone downloads. If you're looking for movies, music, e-books, TV shows, or sports shows, you will find it through iPhone Nova.

It's extremely simple to receive instant access to iPhone Nova's HUGE media database! Instead of having to pay for each download or pay a monthly fee, you only have to pay a ONE TIME payment of $49.95!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that's too much money for media downloads. Think about it! Wal-Mart sells music files for $0.99 a piece. On average, I download around fifty songs a month. If I were to pay $0.99 for each song, I would be garnishing my wages!

iPhone Nova's layout is EXTREMELY user friendly, the website is fast, and you have unlimited options to choose from! By visiting my website (iPhone Wonderscape), I can link you to iPhone Nova's page. Also, I found the 24 hour tech support to be an absolute help. They respond quickly and go into detail for you--iPhone Nova truly cares about its customers.

Why continue spending money on media for your iPhone without getting your money's worth? You know the saying "you get what you pay for." Sometimes, that isn't always the case. If you REALLY want to get what you pay for, use iPhone Nova as your iPhone media source!

I give iPhone Nova 4 stars out of 5. I guarantee you will be absolutely satisfied with your investment--I know I am!

Alyssa Moul