What To Expect From MP3 speakers?

mp3 speakers
You will have great advantages when you are buying MP3 player, because you have the opportunity sharing great quality music with others without burning a hole in your pocket. However, you should make sure you have the speakers that are most suited for your needs if you buy any of mp3 speakers.

In fact, there are several companies that make MP3 player speakers that can be attached to your player and get more listening pleasure, although MP3 players do not come with their own speakers and normally give people to listening to music through ear buds. They are also more convenient and provide quality music listening pleasure as well with not having to fumble about for CDs and cassettes. These players give revolutionizing indeed the way of people to listen the music today.

To share music with family, you are helped by portable speakers. You will get to enjoy a different music experience at one that you can share with others, whether you choose the portable version or the normal MP3 speakers. Just make sure that you always charge the speakers’ batteries, so you won’t let them die on you. Without being glued to it, you can listen to music from your player with the help of these speakers. So, you are going to get appreciating the greater convenience that is offered by it to you to allow you listening to music loud and clear.

In which a unit that is shaped like a cylindrical cone opens up just like camera tripods does, tripod MP3 player speakers are offered by certain companies, and this server as your speakers. You will find a separate speaker on each different arm of the tripod’s legs. Crystal clear sound is provided by each of which and together you are provided by them high quality surround sound effect.

A great experience is offered by portable MP3 players to those who love to listen to music as easy to carry and use. Portable speaker systems can’t play anything until they are connected to an audio source because they don’t have a tuner. You can attach MP3 player speakers, typically to docking systems or can be connected to your PC that also recharge mp3 player.

When choosing MP3 speakers, you can see the big difference such as watts per channel, the number of channels, and separate subwoofers. Here, there are some of the best speakers for MP3 player:

Bose Sound Dock Digital Music System has features;
- 2 channels
- 12 watts per channel
- No subwoofers
- But has the highest sound quality
- It costs about $200
Harman-Kardon SoundSticks II has features;
- 3 channels
- 10 watts per channel
- Separate subwoofers
- Has a really good sound
- It costs about $170
Boom Tube H201 has features;
- 3 channels
- 12 watts per channel
- Separate subwoofers
- It costs about $100


Portable Sound Systems, How Portable Are Systems and How is the Sound Quality?

What is a portable sound system? The definition would depend on who a person is talking to. The general public may think of an i-Pod and a docking station or a Boom Box. Those in the Audio System industry would have a vastly different definition, dealing with speaker arrays, wireless receivers and transmitters, microphone systems, etc. This article will be dealing with the second definition, Portable voice and music sound systems. Even under this definition, the difference between systems can be dramatic. Systems can vary from ultra-portable handheld speaker PA systems, like the Anchor MegaVox PRO or Anchor MiniVox Lite to Midsized systems like the Anchor Liberty or Xtreme and large capacity audio systems like the Anchor Beacon Sound System.

These are all self contained, portable units, which offer amplification, quality speakers, and microphones. The size differential allows for a system which can effectively transmit sound to a small group in a limited space to systems which can transmit sound clearly in large open areas to crowds up to 5000 people. The larger systems also offer greater options, such as wired microphones, single wireless microphone receivers and multiple wireless receivers. Varied systems also offer options such as built in MP3 players. Of course the ability to Daisy Chain, or tie together multiple units allows many of the smaller systems to be used to reach larger crowds as well.

While the smallest systems tend to be solely battery operated, the larger systems often allow for AC and DC operation, from internal batteries and external power sources. Depending on the degree of portability required this can be an important consideration. If the presenter will be moving, as one would when giving a tour, or possibly at a rally or parade, then the small handheld, battery powered option would be best. On the other hand, when the presentation is to be given from a fixed location, larger options may be better suited. Larger portable sound systems are easily moved from one location to another, with set up and break down times which are minimal, but they are not designed to be portable during use. Here the considerations will tend to be venue and crowd size. A decibel level output high enough to carry sound effectively should determined and equipment obtained to meet or exceed that standard. Availability of power is another major consideration. While the Beacon offers AC/DC power, the extreme requires AC, and therefore cannot be used if electrical outlets are not available. The Liberty offers both power source options as well. Anchor covers the range of portable sound systems well, and produces a solid, professional and high quality line of products, but I will not say that they are the only brand which does so. Shop around to find the system which best suits your needs.

How does one determine what their needs are? A few simple questions can help with that process. First how big is the venue? Is it indoors or outdoors? Is it a wide open area, or are there many barriers present to block sound waves? What is the size of the crowd I am addressing? Will I be projecting in a straight line or do I need to have audio project in a radius to cover the crowd effectively? What acoustic considerations are there? For example, is the venue full of plush items which dampen noise or is it largely hard surfaces, or are there major sources of background noise which need to be accounted for? How portable does the system have to be? Will power be available at the venue? How often will the system be used, is it a one time event, and occasional use or regular use over the long-term? Lastly, what is the available budget? Systems can range from under $200.00 for the smallest ones to several thousand dollars for more powerful systems, so budget is a major consideration. Don’t' look at this as strictly a cost issue; however, look at it as a return on investment issue. Will the use which is obtained from the system justify the cost? What is the cost of having an inadequate system? These questions should paint a fair picture of what kind of system is required. So long as the system purchased is adequate to the tasks required of it, the sound quality will be good on any of the Anchor systems mentioned. However, sound quality does degrade when a system is overtaxed. For this reason, it is usually advisable to purchase a system which has power to spare. This ensures that the system and sound quality will not be harmed by trying to get more from it than it is designed to handle.

To research specifics on Portable sound systems, visit full line audio system dealers. They can offer advice on systems based on your specific needs, they can also offer product specifications to clarify what a particular system is able to do. Excellent sources of information exist on the internet; however a buyer is often well suited to talk to friends and associates who have experience with various products. Personal experiences can be invaluable in finding the right products for your needs. With the high potential costs, take the time to research well before making a purchase. The selections are wide and the options are varied but the portable sound system to meet any needs is available.

To explore the Full Line of Anchor Audio Products visit Anchor Audio Warehouse at Portable Sound System Dealer or call 1-800- 772-1605 to inquire about specific items or what products would match your presentation needs.

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Listen & Watch Audio & Video with Digital Media Players

With the spread of entertainment gadgets and electronics in almost every part of the world, many optimistic changes have occurred in the ways people are engaging themselves in different kinds of activities.

Listening and watching audio and video with advanced digital media players is the trend of modern world. We cannot think to escape from its clutches. Rather we need to flow with the waves in the stream. iPods are the most popular digital players. Apart from iPods, these days high end mobile phones are also termed as media players. However, iPods are much popular than high end mobile phones in terms of digital media features.

Do all kinds of iPods give exceptional digital media services? In this context we all need to remember that anything that comes at easy price will never give any kind of exceptional service. The fight for branded products will always govern the entertainment market and the mania of brand is also applicable to iPods.

When we walk out of our homes we always like to carry all our entertainment programs in tiny gadgets like iPods. These are portable and can easily be slipped into pockets. Most of the branded digital media players, iPods in the market comes in mesmerizing look and style. Youngsters are the prime customers for the maker of many media players. This set of consumers never likes to sport old gadgets. As they are the epitome of fresh vigour and new generation they always prefer to have gadgets which are exclusively design for them only.

Companies known for making outstanding digital media players are Zune, Cisco, Apple, ZEN, Samsung, SanDisk Sansa and Philips. iPods made by these companies can be trusted by all new users. Branded products never play with the confidence of folks. In addition, to all the above mentioned discussion digital media player enthusiasts should keep their eyes open for checking the storage capacity of a new iPod.

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Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator

garmin gps navigator
Garmin has introduced a new model in its entry level line, the nuvi 255w. This model has new and improved features and shows you why Garmin is one the best in producing gps navigation units. Here is a list of the new and improved features on the Garmin nuvi 255w.

Complete North America Maps and Text to Speech

My favorite upgrade is the complete maps for North America which come complete with text to speech. The text to speech technology gives you turn by turn spoken directions with the real names of streets. I have found that this is very helpful in keeping my eyes on the road and avoiding getting in accidents.

4.3 Inch Wide Screen and New Interface

The Garmin 255w also features a wide 4.3 inch screen that displays 70% more of what's around you as you are driving. The new interface shows you distance to and direction of your next turn, name of the road you need to turn onto, the time you will arrive at your destination and your current speed and speed limits in the area you are driving.

Satellite Prediction Hot Fix

In the past you may have had to wait for the GPS unit to lock in on three satellites to work effectively. Well, this model has the new hotfix which predicts where the satellites should be so it can lock in quicker and reduce the amount of time you have to wait for your directions.

Navigate By Photo

By combining Garmin connect photos with Google Panoramio photo sharing, you can download them to your nuvi to use pictures as a guide during your trip.

3D Terrian Maps

These maps show you when to expect hills, mountains and other natural features. These maps are also viewable when using the 2D view.

Send Addresses Directly From Google Maps or Mapquest

If you decide to get a small plugin, which you can get from the Garmin website, you can transfer addresses from google maps or Mapquest from your computer to your Garmin GPS unit.

Traffic Updates and other News

If you decide to get an optional receiver, you can receive traffic updates, weather updates, news, movie listings and much more.

As you can see this Garmin nuvi 255w is a great unit that will satisfy the needs of most people who need a GPS unit. The price is still very affordable as it is still an entry level unit but has top of the line features.

For more information on this garmin gps navigation unit, visit this site: Garmin Nuvi 255W For more information on other garmin gps navigation units, visit this site: Garmin Nuvi GPS Products

Finding the Right Green Laser Pointer for Your Needs

This is a guide about high powered green lasers with visible green laser beams. It's a fun and intense gadget to own. As green laser pointers are quite pricey, you should do your research before making your final decision. The information below should give a nice insight on the usability of green lasers relating to its power output.
High powered green laser pointers are extremely impressive gadgets to own. Why? Imagine clicking on a button and having a green laser beam extend miles into the sky. The range of these lasers is so far, it is beyond the reach of your vision! Some higher powered versions of green laser pointers have also been known to sting bare skin, light matches, and even light cigarettes.

The question is, which laser is appropriate for your needs. Before placing an order for a high powered green laser, you have to ask yourself, "what am I buying this laser for?" I've broken this down to 3 categories.

Category One: The green laser pointer is for daily use especially for conducting classes or presentations. The environment in which these will be conducted is generally small. If this is the scenario, stay with something low powered between 1mW - 5mW. "mW" is an abbreviation for milli-watts or 1/1000 of a watt. The green laser beam will not be visible but you will get a nice bright dot that can be clearly seen on LCD screens or projectors. Now, if you are a professor doing lectures in large auditoriums, you could venture into the higher powered lasers but do not go over 15mW.

Category Two: You are looking for a green laser pointer that emits a visible green laser beam at night or in lit conditions. Go with a green laser pointer between 40mW to 100mW. In general, any green laser pointer over 20mW will have a visible beam. Starting at 40mW, the green laser beam is clearly visible. The question now is, how much do you have to spend on a laser? As you increase in power, brightness also increases. If you have the dough, get something in the higher powered range. Green laser pointers above 100mW usually go for more than $100. If you're short on cash, a 40mW should sell for less than $100 shipped.

Category Three: You're a pyromaniac! You're looking for a laser pointer that can sting skin, pop balloons, light matches, melt rubber, and light cigarettes. This is where you need a green laser pointer above 100mW. Laser pointer technology has come a long way, however, small laser pointers above 100mW are somewhat unstable. While it is possible to squeeze all this power into a laser pen, the laser unit becomes over-heated quite easily. If burning is your thing, stay with the large portable laser units. Sometimes they are referred to as hand-held lasers. These are larger in size and offer a large heatsink to allow heat to properly disperse. Portable lasers are also much more stable in terms of power output and tends to come with a longer warranty. Again, it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend on this green laser pointer. Portable or hand-held lasers are quite costly. I would suggest getting something you are comfortable with paying.

Now, the question lies, "where do I get one of these babies?" Stay away from Ebay of any of these auction sites. Most sellers advertise high powered lasers but when they actually arrive, the actual power output is not even close to its advertised power. Search online for a reputable company and it helps to look at several laser pointer forums. Just open your browser and enter "laser pointer forum" into the search box.

About the author: I purchased my first green laser pointer nearly 5 years ago. At the moment, I have around 35 laser pointers of all colors and sizes. I remember buying my first laser pointer and being amazed by the brilliant green laser beam. Hopefully this article is helpful to you and good luck on buying your first green laser pointer!

Green Laser Pointer
Reputable laser pointer company

PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360

Gaming consoles are one of the best entertainment tools available and many people buy one for their own home. In fact, gaming consoles are very popular today that every release of a new kind of gaming console, stores always run out of stock.

However, there are also different kinds of gaming consoles available in the market today that claims to be the best. These companies claim that they guarantee that with their gaming console, you will have the ultimate gaming experience. Because of this, people tend to get confused on which gaming console they should buy.

Two examples of companies that manufacture gaming consoles that are always competing is Sony and Microsoft. The upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 and the newly released Microsoft Xbox 360 are two of the most popular gaming consoles available today. Both companies claim that their gaming console offers the best quality gaming experience that you will ever have.

So, in order to end all the confusion, here are some facts about these two different gaming consoles and with this information, you can choose which gaming console is right for you.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is the third in the PlayStation series and is expecting great success upon its release on November 2006 in Japan, United States, and in Canada. PlayStation 3 is integrated with the latest and unique technology in a gaming console. It has features like the Blu-ray drive that is not found in other gaming consoles available in the market today. The Blu-ray drive is one of the latest disc drives available presently. What makes Blu-ray special is it has a much larger capacity to store data, meaning it will allow game developers to show their creativity and add detailing effects to make the game more realistic than ever before.

The PlayStation 3 gaming console can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi. This technology will enable you to connect to the Internet wirelessly and it will be able to give you the capability to play online PlayStation 3 games along with millions of players worldwide. Think of this as a virtual community where you can make friends with someone halfway around the world.

PlayStation 3 also has Bluetooth wireless controllers available. This means that it can definitely let you have a more enjoyable experience when you play a PlayStation game. With PlayStation 3, you can also upgrade the hard disk.

PlayStation 3 also has the backward compatibility feature which allows you to play your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games in your new PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Xbox 360 also offers one of the best features in a gaming console. Microsoft has thought all about the needs of consumers in a gaming console. Because of this, they developed and manufactured the Xbox 360 gaming console system that virtually has everything that you need in a gaming console system. It has wireless controllers, upgradeable hard drive, Xbox Live headset to let you chat with your friends when playing Xbox 360 online games, WiFi adapter and can also be integrated with the Xbox Live Vision.

As you can see, both gaming console system are closely matched except for the Blu-ray technology that PlayStation 3 has. If you want a gaming console that offers high definition graphics, you should opt for PlayStation 3. With the Blu-ray technology and advanced HDMI technology, you will be able to have the best gaming experience of your life.

Information on goose pictures can be found at the About Animals site.

What Is Cellular Gps System?

gps on cell phone
GPS system is a technology that can give your exact position anywhere on the earth. To avail of this technology, you need a special GPS receiver that can receive signals from satellites. GPS system is a not a new technology and has been around for sometime. It was initially used by the military but has now been equipped in the cell phone of millions of users for convenient usage.

The GPS or the Global Positioning system global navigation satellite system (GNSS) developed by the United States Department of Defense and managed by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. Initially, cell phone companies did not want to put GPS receivers into cell phones. But several years ago, the Federal Communications Commission required them to come up with a way to locate their customers for rescue workers and 911 calls.

Specially designed cellular GPS phones can help you to locate your exact position, wherever you are! This type of cell phone technology can certainly make you feel better when traveling because if you got lost, broke down or run into trouble you can be tracked by this technology and receive help. GPS receivers come in a variety of formats, from devices integrated into cars, phones, and watches, to dedicated devices. They can cost a few thousand rupees to lakhs, depending on the use.

GPS has become quite popular in India among fleet management companies. GPS allows real-time vehicle tracking which enable transportation industry and delivery services. It can be efficiently used in almost any business that depends on precise location information. GPS has applications in the following areas: Surveying, field data collection, yellow pages, tourism, infrastructure and communication.

Hence, you can see that cellular GPS system is quite useful for you and it would be good if you purchase cell phones equipped with this technology! The GPS technology is simply amazing!

Article By: Mary R Thomas

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Apple Sat Nav

i phone gps
Technology giants Apple have recently filed a patent for a sat nav system that will focus on driver safety. The company stated details of the device in an 11 page document. The satellite navigation device could come as standard in a vehicle or could even be used via a docking station. In the document Apple states that there have been many incidents on the roads where sat navs have proved to be a danger to drivers, for instance, when the driver is focusing on the device rather than the roads accidents can be more common. As a result of this, they have stated in the 11 page document that their sat nav device would focus on driver safety. In an attempt to help remedy this, Apple has come up with a touch screen sat nav which will include a loudspeaker and hands-free voice commands which will enable the driver to concentrate more on the roads rather than the sat nav. An interesting study that took place at the beginning of this year showed that regularly using sat navs could mean an increased risk of suffering from car sickness. In-car navigation systems of the future are said to promote green driving by telling the driver when to change gear to maximise fuel economy and chastising the motorist if they are driving erratically. In an effort to make cars safer the car company Mazda has developed an early warning system, which applies the brakes early if it decides a crash is unavoidable. The car also has the ability to assess road conditions itself as well. If you’re interested in buying a sat nav, the best thing to do is to shop online so that you can compare the features and the prices and make sure you get the model that is exactly what you’re looking for.

Apple’s satellite navigation system will focus on driver safety and will include features that make the device a safer one to use on the roads. A recent study showed that sat navs could mean an increased risk of suffering from car sickness. To find the best deals on sat navs it’s best to shop online

Gill Critchley is a UK based author with experience within the financial industry centering on the insurance sector.

Latest Pioneer Hdmi Dvd Player With Usb Dv-410v-s

pioneer dvd player with usb
When you purchase dvd players you want to buy best and branded dvd players like pioneer, Philips, vox, MCC, Maxis, Mitashi and many more they must have the quality, good looking, sound, battery capacity, memory size, color, guaranty, warranty, price and many more. Homeshop18 offers best pioneer dvd players at lowest price.

Pioneer DVD Players - Pioneer HDMI DVD Player with USB Model No: DV-410V-S
• HDMI Interface: The DV-410V features HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), an industry supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. For example, combine the DVD Player with the VSX-1018AH A/V Receiver and a Flat Screen TV, and HDMI's all-digital signal processing gives superior pictures and sound - with no loss. It does this by allowing transmission of both audio and video signals with no D/A or A/D conversion, through a single-cable connection. The unit is even capable of 1080p up-scaling. The DV-410V allows output of Linear PCM (2-Channel) and compressed Audio (Dolby Digital, DTS, and MPEG)
• Versatile Parameters for Video Control: All Pioneer DVD Players feature the Video Adjust Function which allows versatile image control for customized picture quality. You can adjust Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Hue and Chroma Level
• DivX Video Playback: The DV-410V allows playback of DivX Videos from CD-R/-RW and DVD-R/-RW Discs, and from USB Memory. DivX is a popular media technology including digital video, which ensures a high compression rate and fast transfer speed without appreciably compromising the picture quality. Create a DivX movie on the PC, burn it to a disc, and play it on the Pioneer DVD Player
• Playback (DV-610AV, DV-410V): These DVD Players are compatible with WMV 9 (Windows Media Video), the latest high-resolution high-compression video format used by Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. One gets to enjoy a nice compilation of videos downloaded from the websites
• WMA/MPEG-4 AAC/MP3 Playback: All Pioneer DVD Players can playback WMA and MP3 compressed Audio Files, as well as the latest MPEG-4 AAC Format
• USB Terminal: The USB Terminal on the DV-410V allows connection with USB Mass Storage Class Devices, for easy Playback of WMA/ MPEG-4 AAC/MP3 Music Files, JPEG Photo Files and DivX Video Files. The DV-410V can also play WMV Files
• Compressed Video and Music Playback
• Photo + Music Mix (JPEG Slideshow with Music): Yes

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Apple iPod Touch: What Are The Great Features You Can Expect?

ipod touch
The Apple iPod Touch is latest version of iPod available in the market today and many people are crazy about it. In fact, people today just can't seem to get enough of the iPod Touch. So, just what is the Apple iPod Touch? what's so different about it from other iPods out there? What can you expect from this multimedia player?

Basically iPod Touch is a multimedia player like current conventional iPod but is integrated with multi touch screen technology and a larger LCD screen .This is the key feature on why the iPod Touch is very appealing for many people . However, for some people, it is the amount of memory it has. Starting from 8GB up to the 32GB version, you will see that you will be able to store huge amounts of data in the iPod Touch. From mp3 audio files to mp4 video files, you will see that the iPod Touch can store numerous amounts of data, including pictures.

However, these aren’t just the only things that the iPod Touch is capable of. There are more great features that the iPod Touch can offer.

One great feature of the iPod Touch is that it will enable user to access internet. Thanks to its built-in WiFi mobile platform, the iPod Touch can now enable its user to go online while inside a WiFi hotspot. What this means is that with the iPod Touch, you will now be able to check your surf the web,watch online videos on YouTube, emails and even let you check out your MySpace or Facebook accounts.

So you don’t have to run to a desktop computer with an active internet connection in order for you to check your important emails. With the iPod Touch, you can simply go online if you are in the WiFi hotspot, check your emails and also reply to your emails.

Weighing only approximately 120 grams, with the dimensions of 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.31 inch, you will see that carrying it will not be a problem at all. You can just put it in your pocket and enjoy listening to your favorite music anywhere and anytime.

The LCD screen is 3.5 inch with a resolution of 154 kilo pixels. With such screen you will be able to watch your favorite videos on it in crystal clear quality.

Another great thing about the iPod Touch is the improved battery system. When listening to music alone, it will be able to last for 22 hours. Combine video playback and you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite videos without the batteries dying out for five hours straight.

As you can see, the iPod Touch can offer much more than just a great mp3 player and video player, but it will also be able to offer you much more. You will see why the iPod Touch is known by a lot of people as the true personal computer.

So, if you need a real personal computer and one that will be able to easily fit your pocket, the iPod Touch is one device that you should definitely have.

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Choosing A Satellite TV Receiver

The quality of your satellite TV receiver is the second most important factor in determining the quality of your satellite TV experience, next only to the size of your satellite dish. Buy only advanced satellite TV receiver components if you want more flexibility and better viewing options.

Satellite TV receiver basics

If you rely on your TV for news and information, then you need a satellite TV receiver that can at least record your favorite news shows while you are away, so you can watch them later. You should be able to control everything with push-button simplicity. Most providers let you either buy or lease a satellite TV receiver. Here’s your guide to choosing the best.

DVR satellite TV receiver

Having a satellite TV receiver with DVR or digital video recorder capability is like having a time machine – you can rewind, pause, and also record live television. With this gadget, you can actually watch the programs you want on your own time – no more rushing to get home to catch your favourite shows. Choose only user-friendly satellite TV receiver recorders that provide at least two weeks of program listings. It should also have search capabilities – you will find this very useful when looking for the show you want.

HD receiver satellite TV receiver

If your TV set is already high-definition (HD) capable, then you should definitely buy only a high-definition satellite TV receiver. Doing so will let you take full advantage of your subscriber’s selection of HD programs – imagine seeing all your favourite TV personalities with more clarity and detail. Most satellite TV providers offer anywhere from 15 to 28 high definition 15 channels – from movies, sports, TV shows, and even concerts. Enjoy stunning high-resolution details with an HD satellite TV receiver. Invest in this gadget now, because major satellite TV providers are planning to roll out more than 100 new HD channels in the coming years.

HD DVR satellite TV receiver

Hybrid HD-DVR satellite TV receivers gives you the best of both worlds – superior clarity and detail of HD broadcasts plus the power to rewind, pause, and record live television. Most units can record more than 200 hours of TV shows in standard definition and about 50 hours of TV shows in HD. Most hybrid satellite TV receivers also have interactive program guides so you can instantly access two weeks worth of program listings.

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All About Motorola Two Way Radios

two way radio from motorola
Motorola Corp. is currently one of the largest leading suppliers of two way radios in the industry. They feature a full range of not just two way radios, but also an extensive selection of accessories for the radios that they sell. They span the spectrum from basic economical family models, to the latest in state of the art feature laden commercial style two way radios. Motorola Corp has also been at the cusp of the development and implementation of the latest in compact dry cell battery technology.

A Replacement for Cell Phones

In recent years Motorola two way radios have become so advanced that a growing trend has developed in people using Motorola two way radios in place of their cell phones. It began in the the work place by people discovering the convenient flexibility and ease of use of two way radios for communications throughout the day. Quite simply, people were growing to prefer two way radios over cell phones after trying them out at their jobs.

Unlimited Free Calls

Of course, you can't make radio calls to a person that doesn't also have a two way radio, so they are still keeping and using their cell phones. However; for day in, day out contact and communication between family and friends, people everywhere are discovering that they can completely bypass their cell phone company and cell phone charges by using a two way radio.

Two Bands

All two way radios use one of two frequency bands and they are known as FRS, or Family Radio Service band and GMRS, or General Mobile Radio Service band. The GMRS band is specifically used for longer range two way radios, meaning anything over two miles, while the FRS band is for short range two way radios of two miles or less.

Motorola Uses Two Bands

In general, you will find that most two way radios on the market function exclusively with one band or another. Motorola radios on the other hand, differ in that most of the models that Motorola has available are capable of taking advantage of either one of these two bands.

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Did You Know The New iPods Can Do All Of This?

Each new model that has been introduced has shown marked improvement over the last and they have also increased in the number of sizes and colors available while simultaneously offering more storage and download capacity. The intensity of the sound experience simply must be heard to be believed. Just in case you haven't been paying attention lately, here are some of the new cool things the iPod can do.

The all new click wheel will allow you to control a variety of functions with one finger, the shuffle mode from the top of the wheel will allow you to randomize your music play and you can operate the play, stop, pause, forward, and rewind all from the click wheel.

If you want to transfer files to your computer from your portable device you can find hidden files by right clicking on iPod and then choosing tools, and then options. Once in the control panel, select view tab, click hidden files, then show hidden files which will then make all of your files viewable. Now you can move music to your computer that you have bought.

A functional stopwatch is also included with a time zone clock utility. The device also has an iTunes control at the lower part of the screen that allows you to fast-forward and rewind as well as pick your play list and add songs to your favorites. A function also exists to allow you to back up and restore which lets you move your entire library. If you have a Mac you can use the preinstalled text to speech program to transfer any document or webpage into an MP3.

You can also perform synching functions from the menu bar which will let you synch you calendars, address book, pictures and more. If you opt for the optional dock you can use it as a remote control for your iPod and listen to your tunes all over the house through your TV or stereo.

Another really cool feature that I like a lot is the audio books availability allowing you to download books from over 9,000 titles and synch them with your computer. If you are buying the unit for a child, there are even built in parental controls so that you can put limits on what podcasts and music your child is able to access. With the all new iPod there has never been an easier way to access multiple forms of entertainment from audi books to photos.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about iPods as well as Electronic Toys and Gadgets at www.electronictoysplus.com

Digital Picture Frames: Transforming Photo Frames and How We Display our Photos

digital foto frame
Digital picture frames will likely completely change the way we display photos in our homes, offices, and public places in a matter of years. This LCD technology is on the path of similar recent ones like flat screen TVs, laptops, and cell phones. As the technology advances, prices become more affordable, and people realize the obvious benefits over the long-standing previous technology, digital photo frames will become ubiquitous.

Displaying photos in frames is virtually as old as the camera and photography itself. In fact the business and art associated with picture frames has become a huge market itself. Photo frames come in all shapes, sizes, costs, and décor. But until these new digital frames came along, traditional photo frames had one distinct limitation: they are static.

Digital picture frames build on the concepts of traditional frames and albums but use 21st century LCD technology to move them from static to dynamic. Now by simply transferring pictures in their digital state from your camera or computer to a digital frame, pictures can be displayed in a slide show format in what looks like a traditional frame.

Digital photo frames have become possible through improvements in display technology, storage and memory, and transfer methods. LCD technology has become better and cheaper, so 5-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 11-inch, and 12-inch size frames that are crystal clear are possible and affordable. Digital pictures can be stored and transferred via affordable SD memory cards, SmartMedia Cards, Memory Sticks, and USB flash drives. Changing pictures on your frame easily via one of these devices, sometimes wirelessly with select digital frames, is the magic of dynamically changing frames.

Major consumer electronics manufacturers are capitalizing on the market for these digital photo viewers, including such players as Kodak, Smartparts, and Portable USA, and highly performing frames with many features. Digital frames also come in many décor and colors such from black, brown, white, cherry, espresso, and all kinds of wood. Soon endless new features such as variable frame decors and auto on/off features will become standard.

It was only a matter of time before the world of picture frames moved into the digital age.

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Nintendo Wii is the Favourite Console for January

nintendo wii gaming console
As the top three gaming giants are still fighting it out between each other (Playstation, Xbox and the Nintendo Wii) there was one clear winner in January with the Nintendo Wii taking just over 52% of the gaming revenue.

Completely outselling its competitors with around 679,200 units sold in January, the Nintendo Wii is proving to be the nation’s favourite console. The Nintendo DS was second in January selling close to 510,800 units and the Xbox 360 selling 309,000 units. The Playstation 3 failed to make the top 3 by selling only 203,200 units.

Although the Nintendo Wii is expensive, it is not as expensive as the other two main consoles which I feel could be a contributing factor to the massive success it is having. Also, most of the games that are currently out on the Nintendo Wii are designed for user interaction and for groups of people. In my opinion this is something that the other consoles lack and gives the Wii a great advantage.

Although the Nintendo Wii may be lacking slightly in the graphics department compared to the other big consoles at the moment, it definitely makes up for it in the entertainment factor. With so many great games available at a fairly reasonable price it is no wonder this console is outselling the others by thousands.

Along with the actual console, there are now many add-ons for the Wii, such as the Wii Fit. The Wii fit was one of the biggest selling games in Christmas 2008 and is still selling in massive numbers even now.

If you are looking to buy a console this year I really would recommend the Nintendo Wii. Not only are you getting a great console but also the opportunity for other great games such as the Wii Fit. If you shop online to find one of these you can save yourself a packet as there are many great games available.

Bluetooth - 6 Benefits For Cell Phones

Bluetooth technology logo
Bluetooth - 6 Benefits For Cell Phones
Bluetooth technology makes mobile phones more functional, with handy little earbud headsets that are completely wireless and allow for hands-free answering and talking on the cell phone. In fact, Bluetooth wireless technology has made many electronic components wireless and far surpasses infrared in its usefulness and practicality.

Benefits of Bluetooth for Cell Phones

1. Hands-Free Cell Phone use
For cell phones, using a wireless hands-free headset in the car, like Bluetooth allows you to free your hands for driving and safety, especially since many states now have mandatory hands-free cell phone use law while driving.

2. Bluetooth is Inexpensive
Bluetooth technology is cheap for companies to implement, which results in lower costs for the consumer on Bluetooth products and especially Bluetooth cell phone headsets.

3. Bluetooth is Automatic and User Friendly
Bluetooth doesn’t have you set up a connection or push any buttons. When two or more devices enter a range of up to 30 feet of each other, they will automatically begin to communicate. For cell phones, the user need not touch the phone, but instead can leave it in their pocket and perform most of the cell phone tasks by using the in-ear Bluetooth headset. Those functions include, completely wireless, hands-free answering and talking on the cell phone.

4. Bluetooth Provides Low Interference
Bluetooth devices usually avoid interference from other wireless devices by using frequency hopping and also low power wireless signals.

5. Bluetooth is Reliable and Universal
Bluetooth technology is a world wide, universal wireless standard. As more and more devices started to use the Bluetooth technology, more manufacturers are making make their products compatible with it making it a standard for wireless.

6. Bluetooth Consumes Little Energy
Because Bluetooth uses low power signals, it requires very little energy and will use less battery power as a result. This is an excellent benefit for cell phones because Bluetooth will not drain the battery.

Article By: JR Lang

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Board Camera: What Is It And How To Use It

What are board cameras? These tiny but very useful cameras may just be your key to designing and building your very own home or office surveillance system. They're very affordable and easy to mount. There are also several models with nifty features to choose from, which helps expand their usability. If the possibility of working on an easy but practical project appeals to your tinkering soul, here are some usage tips regarding the board camera:

What are board cameras?
Board cameras are just that – cameras. More specifically, they are made of fixed lenses that are mounted onto circuit boards. A board camera is a basic component of a camera surveillance system, which means you'll have to buy it as a part that you could assemble to create another device, such as a dome camera or a hidden mini camera. You buy board cameras as is.

Usage tips
Board cameras have a variety of uses, depending on your wants and needs. In most cases, though, they are mounted in order to work as spy or hidden cameras. As long as you know exactly what to do with a board camera, you'll be able to choose one (or a few) that has the features that will work best for you.

The most basic thing you should consider regarding a board camera or any camera for that matter is the lens. The lens is pre-mounted on a board camera and the iris is usually fixed. That means you cannot zoom in or out without an additional device or accessory. Lenses can also be pinhole type or full.

Pinholes, like their name suggests, are small lenses and are perfect for use as spy cameras. You can mount these on a table clock, a lamp, a baseball cap or even a teddy bear. Full lenses are bigger and will work well on dome or mini cameras to complete your surveillance system.

If you plan to use a board camera for surveillance, you have an option as to whether you prefer to view activities in black and white or color. There are also lenses that afford you low-light viewing, usually indicated as a low Lux count. A good Lux count would be at least 0.05, although there are others that can go as low as 0.0003. The low number means that the board camera lens will still work in near total darkness. Resolution is also a key feature to look into when considering board camera usage. Videos of activities are much easier to view if the images are crisp and sharp.

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Clock Radios - Wake Up to the Sound of Music

clock radio
The alarm clock is one instrument most of us cannot do without, yet we find it a monotonous invention. Any modification to make it more appealing is more than welcome. With the advent of innovation in the communication technology industry these reminding devices have now been clubbed with other gadgets as additional features. A good example is the radio alarm clock.

What's Different?

It is basically a musical gadget that allows its user to set specific time reminders in creative ways. It can also be used to tune into a radio at a particular time to listen to a program being aired. This saves the user the inconvenience of manually keeping track of time, especially when he or she has a busy schedule.

Most digital time reminding devices are reset to 00:00 or 12:00 every time they are powered on. This means that a power outage during the night may result in your time tracker failing to trigger off at the right time. So if you are very particular that your instrument does not fail, you can go in for those that automatically keep track of time even if there has been a power outage. A radio wake up clock with a battery backup could help overcome this problem.

In Tune With Technology

For music lovers these devices come along with an iPod facility as well as a CD player. You could also set your alarm to the sound of your favorite song or any other customized audio recording. The market offers a wide range of products for those who like to explore and stay up-to-date with the latest in technology.

A typical radio alarm clock would have a LCD or LED display panel, alarm indicator and features of a radio or musical system. Another basic feature of this gadget is the snooze facility. A lot of these time trackers come with the extendable snooze option. Even better are those that offer features where the snooze timing could be set according to the end user's convenience.

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