Why is there no FM Radio For iPhone

iPhones have great amount of features and have tools that are way ahead of standard cell phone. Add this together with its ease of use and great styling, you have a winner. It also comes with the best of Web 2.0 display and toys.

In fact, the iPhone has many things going for it, but does it have FM radio for iPhone? But for some reason when apple were adding the digital camera, web access to Google maps and all the other cool features, the FM radio was not on the list

"Old school?"

Actually the main reason why there is no FM radio for iPhone is that today, the interest in FM radio is less than in the past. The Internet and TV are dominating the market for eyeballs. This is especially true when you consider the target market Apple is aiming at - young people with disposable income.

After all, it is not the fifties or sixties when radio was central to entertainment and information distribution. Now days the Internet is the first step for most people looking to find out information.

Another possible reason why there is no FM radio for iPhone is that the radio is not a very personable device. It can be a disruptive influence in our lives rather an asset. Of course, if the iPhone had been around when the Sony walkman was invented, chances are that there would certainly have been a radio.

In fact, the Sony walkman had become popular with the public before a radio was added to it. This lack of a radio in the original Walkman can be seen as a reason why manufacturers have not included FM radio for iPhone.

Still, you might wonder if the iPhone can have Internet connectivity, then why is there no FM radio? After all, the iPhone is multi-media should have indeed been included. The answer to this may lie in the fact that there is always iTunes to listen to and thus there is really no need.

However, it is only Apple that can best answer that question. The reasons for omitting this feature would no doubt be due to practicality or maybe lack of need. However, consumers have yet to be informed by Apple regarding and so we can only guess as to the reason why.

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GPS Tracking Technology Used To Keep Kids In School

Who would have thought school truancy would play a part in the high tech world of gadgets? The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD), that's who. Faced with a dropout rate ranking them seventh among large school districts, according to America's Promise Alliance, and a truancy rate of 15%, the school was not only losing students but also the funds connected with school attendance. It was clear they needed something to stem the leakage. The solution fell into the lap of Bryan Adams High School which is currently using GPS tracking devices in a pilot program to retain their student population.

The GPS tracking devices worn by students are similar to those used by law enforcement keeping tabs on individuals under house arrest, rather than a simpler less obvious GPS tracking watch. Six students, out of the 300 sent to truancy court, from Bryan Adams were chosen to participate in the program. The price tag for the digital age truancy program? $26,000. The investment covers a case worker whose duties include tracking the students, assisting them in their daily activities, as well as providing assistance to families.

The program is proving more cost effective for the state compared to the alternative of detaining repeat truancy offenders in a juvenile detention facility. The program also benefits students by providing a measure of structure, which will translate to a greater ability to become a functioning member of society — like showing up for work on time. This structure is priceless for many of the students enrolled in the program because it is hard for them to create this structure otherwise.

Other than making students show up for class and train for adulthood, the GPS program for truant students hits more personal issues. Most truant students are dealing with more than just running late for class. Issues facing the majority of truant students run the gamut from drugs or alcohol, gang involvement, issues in their family life, or any mix of the above. In the past year, the GPS system helped find a student in the pilot program on the verge of a drug overdose. The program also led case workers to a student that had ditched school and was contemplating suicide. In both situations, a GPS tracking device helped case workers find and assist these students.

Sounds like a great system? Not everyone thinks so. One Texas law maker, as summarized in the New York Times, dislikes the idea since “ankle cuffs used in an earlier version were reminiscent of slave chains.” No one wants to make these students out to be slaves, just to help them. The comment could stem off of the fact that the majority of Bryan Adams High School is non-Caucasian. The high school's representation includes 53% Hispanic American, 32% African American, in addition 62% of the student population is grouped as economically disadvantaged.

In any case it seems Dallas ISD and Bryan Adams High school are trying to do a good thing. They're just using the greatest and latest technology to do so. Who doesn't want help students maintain attendance, graduate high school, and attain prime jobs? Of course, the utilization of GPS technology in improving the systems in place, such as student truancy, needs to be further tested in a variety of situations if we are to fully develop and utilize this powerful technology.

Joe teaches people about GPS tracking watches and about how to get kids to use their GPS kids devices.

Facts About Mp3 Player, Mp4 Player And Ipod

The invention of the MP3 player, with MP4 player and iPod following it, has revolutionized the music industry. These lightweight, reasonably priced, portable music gadgets are almost everywhere you look. Earlier they used to be the obsession of the geeks, nerds and the electronic enthusiasts but today these players are a must have consumer electronic item for almost everyone whether it is the stay at house mom, working business executive, fitness freak joggers, teenagers or even the bored granddad.

MP3 player has personalized music like never before. The MP3 craze has reached its peak with people wanting more and more features in their players. What they want is to download their complete collection of music in their player. You can download and store more than thousands of songs inexpensively into your device and listen to it whenever you want; whether at office or at home or tolerating a boring lecture or even struggling past a heavy traffic jam. A music player seems to be in every hand nowadays. These are wireless, portable, wonders of music and entertainment that can store, systematize and play music on demand.

The three main types of digital audio players are MP3 CD Players that can play both data CDs and audio CDs with MP3 format files, Flash-based Players that are solid state devices with internal media or memory cards type external media and Digital Jukeboxes like the apple iPod and Creative Zen which can read digital audio files from a hard drive. These types of players are the most advanced in technology and have high memory ranging from 1.5 GigaByte to 100 GigaByte.

There is a myth regarding MP3 and MP4 player as Mp4 being a successor of Mp3 player, but these two are different things. Fundamentally, Mp3 is a specific category of audio format while Mp4 is actually a container format. But an Mp4 player can also play Mp3 files besides MP4 format files with complete clarity just like the original player.

The iPod was introduced by Apple Inc. and was launched in October 2001. The varieties of iPod available today include video fifth generation iPod, the small iPod nano and the display free iPod shuffle. You can use Apple`s iTunes software to transfer music of your choice to the devices. An iPod supports and plays MP3, AAC, AIFF, Protected AAC, WAV and some other audio file formats. The Apple iPod also has some additional features like displaying text files, viewing contacts and synchronizing it with the host computer, gaming facilities like the Brick, solitaire, Parachute and Music Quiz. A lot of accessories have been made for the iPod such as sound recorders, wired remote control, FM radio tuners, and cables for enabling TV connections.

iPods have often been criticized due to their short life-span, delicate hard drives.There are also some health risks associated with frequent use of these players which can lead to loss in audio capacity and can also lead to absent mindedness.

All of these music players are portable and use either a semi-permanent rechargeable battery or conventional batteries that can be disposed or recharged. Some MP3 / MP4 players also have additional features like playing FM stations, games, microphone for voice recording, address storage book and etc.

The MP3 player have created a huge mass hysteria amongst some age groups leading to many companies joining the bandwagon to design and market different types of MP3, MP4 players and iPods. It has also given rise to an entirely new industry of downloading sites. This heavy competition has forced companies to find new and innovative use of these players like incorporating features like camera, mobile and etc.

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Nintendo Wii - How to Find One For Less

Information on how anyone can acquisition a Cheap Nintendo Wii Animate or Nintendo Wii Amateur and Accessories. Learn about affairs tips and area to get the best prices.
So you are attractive for a Nintendo Wii Console, or maybe aloof some Nintendo Wii Accessories. This commodity will appearance you the best places to acquisition these items at the amount you are attractive for. Now afore we begin, apperceive that the artefact you are attractive for is in hot demand. Nationwide, the Nintendo Wii bold animate has become such a aberration that they are abutting to non-existant in the non-internet retail world. Below I will attack to accord you some tips for award the Wii you are attractive for at the amount you want.

1. Fish area the fishes are. What is meant by this is that in adjustment to acquisition a nintendo wii, don't aloof go to places you anticipate they ability be at and accomplish a cruise to your bounded Walmart or Fred Meyer. Go online to a website that specializes in affairs video bold systems such as the Nintendo Wii. By accomplishing this you will accretion an arbitrary advantage over others analytic aimlessly, hunting and pecking through the awash curve allurement the sales agent the aforementioned catechism bags accept asked him before.

2. Don't be abashed to buy additional hand. If you absolutely appetite a Cheap Nintendo Wii and you don't appetite to wait, this may be a abundant advantage for you. Most bodies adjudge to advertise their wii because of two reasons:

A. They approved it, and it wasn't for them.

B. They bought it for the sole purpose of affairs it.

People aren't in the business of affairs burst nintendo wii's. Nintendo wii systems are absolute abiding and they advertise bigger aback they work. Most generally a being wouldn't accident their acceptability by affairs a artificial unit.

3. Apprehend the accomplished print. If you are affairs additional duke on about like ebay or craigslist, be abiding that you apperceive absolutely what you are buying. Don't be abashed to ask questions, if they aren't answered, again you apparently don't appetite to buy the product. All too generally addition buys a artefact on ebay and they acquisition out they bought the "case" of article rather than the absolute unit. Simply stated, apprehend what they are selling.

4. Go to websites that anon accord in affairs Cheap Nintendo Wii consoles or Cheap Nintendo Wii games. If they specialize in it, there charge be a reason. And affairs are, they will accept artefact to aback it up.

5. Be accomplished on the product. Visit online forums, apprehend accessories and get a acceptable abstraction of how abundant an account like this should cost. Determine aloof how abundant you absolutely appetite to pay for your Cheap Nintendo Wii product. The added you know, the bigger decsions you will accomplish forth the way.

These are aloof some simple account to appraise aback affairs a Cheap Nintendo Wii Console, Cheap Nintendo Wii Amateur or Accessories. If you are attractive for an accomplished price, accomplish abiding you apperceive what you are affairs and whether or not you've anticipation it through abundant to accomplish a astute affairs decision.

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Mini System - Small In Size But Big In Performance

music system from bose
If you are a music buff or simply enjoy music, chances are you are already in possession of some sort of a music system. Gone are the days when we had to laboriously wind up the gramophone or put the needle on the exact spot on the record-player and when we were traveling we had to be content with a good old portable radio. But, with new advances in technology, first came improved versions of the stereo, then the cassette player and now we are simply spoilt for choice because the market is inundated with newer and better audio and stereo products. The mind boggles at the wide array of choices and it can certainly confuse anyone looking to buy the latest equipment.

With shrinking spaces but advancing technology, it is now possible to buy a mini system of stereo and audio device which is also high on quality. If you are living in a small apartment or a dorm room, you might just want a mini system like an iPod or a MP3 player. These can come with speaker docks which you can put up in your rooms or office. The basics of a mini stereo system consist of a stereo receiver and speakers.

Portable CD players, iPods, MP3players have all but replaced the portable radio. Now, no matter where you go, you can always put your mini system in your pocket and be assured of enjoying your favorite music. What a relief especially on mind-numbing long-distance flights! Your morning walks can also be pepped up with music coming into your ears.

Some mini systems let you enjoy CDs and are also capable of charging your iPod. They have remote control and reflux speakers for better sound. It is possible to use the mini-stereo system for other purposes also.You can use it for an alarm clock or you can play a single CD or play music directly from the iPod. The mini system of stereo and audio device players come in a wide range from portable CD players to simple AM/FM radios. They also come with a wide selection of speakers.

The technology is so advanced that it does not matter whether you have the iPod nano, iPod shuffle or IPod video. You can convert any of these into a full-fledged music system with portable iPod speakers. The iPod stereo docking system provides optimum functionality. And, even if you do not have an iPod, you can still listen to music with a MP3 micro system. It is a fallacy to think that these will not work in a small stereo. In fact, an iPod or Mp3 player makes an important core component in a mini stereo/audio system and even a small DVD or CD player is able to run a big home theatre. So, you can easily combine your home and mobile stereo system.

Many MP3 players offer a whole lot more than simply play the digital audio. They are capable of letting you watch videos, listen to radio and are thus more versatile than people think them to be. Different players have different memory storage and depending upon that, you can store as many hours of music as you like literally in your pocket. The advantage of these mini systems is that their audio outs perform like any other audio part. Just imagine being able to carry your music with you wherever you go without the bulk.

Mini system of stereo and audio device player has come as a boon because you no longer have to allocate large areas in already shrunk spaces for your music system and a simple set of speakers will work wonders with the acoustics.

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GPS Enabled PDAs: Real Time Directions Linked to the Appoinments on Your Calendar!

GPS Enabled PDA
When you're rushing from a late meeting to your child's t-ball game, you need to know exactly where you are going or you could miss her getting her first hit or catch. You may not have GPS in your car, but you do have a PDA - a personal digital (or data) assistant. Shouldn't your "assistant" be able to help you get there? Now it can!
There is a new kind of PDA with GPS embedded which can not only keep your schedule, but also help you navigate to the places on your schedule. Not only can it tell you where you are supposed to be and when, but how long it will take you to get there. In fact, with new technology, a GPS enabled PDA can even factor in the amount of real time traffic in giving you an estimate of your travel time or actually advising you about when to leave. They can also give you alternate routes where there is less traffic on the fly.

These PDAs with built-in GPS come preloaded with up-to-date maps of your country, and give both text- and voice turn-by-turn directions. This way you can both see and hear the directions for maximum safety while driving (In fact they can sometimes project the voice directions to your car stereo so you will hear them loud and clear). They also can navigate you to points of interest such as gas stations and stores along your way.

Some things to look for in a PDA with built-in GPS include the ability to automatically update your device through a computer so you get the latest changes in roads and routes, and good service coverage so you are never almost there when your map blacks out. You should also look for a system that allows you to do two things at once - like making a speakerphone call while you are driving without losing your route.

Another new GPS enabled PDA technology allows you to share information with others who have GPS devices. You can send a colleague or family member in another car the same directions, or traffic information, or information about where to find a gas station, while you are driving as easy as making a phone call.

Imagine what your new, more powerful handheld assistant can do for you right now: Tell you how to get where you are going, when to leave so you are on time, where you can stop along the way to bring something to the meeting, and whether there is traffic in your way!

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Why in the world would you want to pay for a TV bill, a satellite bill, and be limited to what you can watch without upgrading to yet another package when you can have it all?! What do I mean? Well, I watch TV, movies, sports and highlighted events before anyone else because I decided to try some new software that opens up 3000 channels on my computer.
Upon inspection, it's kind of hard to believe that all these channelse are just... there! Some take a bit to load but it's understandable because they are from around the globe. The movie selection is fairly up to date and I can now just pluck anything I want to watch digitally without having to own a DVD library, or pay some network for their limited content base. Overall?.... Yes very impressed with this so far! - take a peek - https://paydotcom.com/r/43264/jerric/18436141/

This is what IPTV is all about - It compiles and programs a slate of channels from around the globe from over 80 countries, and it only cost me a small fee that was actually LESS than any of my monthly bills. Will the police come knocking on your door? Nope :) Why? because this is fully legal, there are no laws on this deregulated market yet, nor will there be for quite some time as technology and content evolve so quickly.

It's most of the channels you probably already have, plus tons of new ones - hard to even keep up with all the content at your fingertips... To see a full list of channels, movie previews, keep reading.

The beautiful thing is that you can watch full screen on your PC or plug your TVtuner card from your PC right to your TV inputs and watch all this stuff on your bigsceen :) That, is innovation! Unlike satellite frequencies, there are no reset codes or things you need to keep your connections or stay up to date with passwords etc.

This is actually very simple and I wish I found this sooner, my family is Polish, and this has quite a few channels and connections that are not found within any local channel providers or sites. After dabbling in this industry for a little while, this software may not be for everyone however those looking to eliminate your TV bill, watch TV from your home country, get great movie channels and never worry about legal issues for satellite TV then this is perfect for you, You can take a test drive yourself right now of what this powerful little software can do by visiting the signature link, happy tubing!!

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Theft Prevention Accessories for PDAs

Protect Your Investment, Your Data, and Your Privacy With These Theft Prevention Accessories for PDAs

Losing a PDA through theft is one of the biggest challenges owners of personal data devices face. As the prices and capabilities of these units increases, so does the market for stolen PDAs, year after year. Of course, locking the unit up in a drawer and never taking it out is about the only certain way of making sure a PDA is never stolen, but that limits the usefulness. Attaching a heavy chain and a wheel hub may help, but it won't fit in your pocket. Instead of taking these sorts of extreme measures, consider one or more theft prevention accessories for PDAs.

Permanent Markings Scare Away Thieves

If you're a little handy and have a steady hand, you can try the tried-and-true method of etching. Grab your rotary tool and lightly carve an identifier into the back of the case, like a phone number or email address. Doing this will probably void your warranty. Don't try this unless you have a steady hand and neat handwriting.

A less extreme option is a security sticker. A sticker may not seem like much of a deterrent, but what if peeling off that sticker announced that the PDA is stolen? That's the idea behind security sticker theft prevention accessories for PDA units. The self-adhesive sticker is attached to the back of the unit, and gives an 800 number to call and report the PDA. The sticker also advises them that by reporting the unit, they can avoid prosecution.

However, if the sticker is peeled off, the phrase "STOLEN PROPERTY" and the 800 number are left behind in large, very obvious lettering of indelible ink. This type of theft prevention accessories for PDA units stops theft from those who want to snatch the item while you're not looking, and turn around and sell it on the street. Few people, regardless of how dishonest they are, will buy an item that announces it has been stolen.

Tracking the PDA With GPS

The GPS functionality built into many modern PDAs is usually used for convenience for the unit's owner, but with tracking security software, it can also be a way to find a stolen PDA. This form of theft prevention accessories for PDA units consists of software that is installed on the unit and a subscription service. The software installed will be linked to the unit's built-in password protection, and will automatically broadcast an emergency signal after an incorrect password has been entered. The subscription service will then pick up the signal and start tracking the PDA, informing the authorities where to find it.

Common Sense

Probably the best theft prevention accessories for PDA units, however, is our own common sense. Don't leave it lying unattended on a table, even for a moment. If you put it down and look away, someone else will probably pick it up. Don't leave it in plain sight inside a vehicle, even a locked vehicle. Make sure you use the built-in security functions of the unit itself. A password can, at the very least, protect the information on a unit from prying eyes if it is stolen. Think about that if you keep your kids' pictures and contact information for your kids' school on the unit.

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