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Apple's iPhone has evoked unprecedented response in the United States and the rest of the world. The Time magazine declared the iPhone as the Invention of the Year 2007. There are many speculations that the iPhone will be launched in India as well. Some media reports reveal that the phone may feature at Reliance Retail stores. Though many claim that the phone is already available in the grey market, there is still a wait for those who want the phone through legitimate channels.

Initial results in the United States are encouraging. Here, Apple has a 28 percent market share, which is way ahead of the 21 percent share that other Windows Mobile powered smart phones have between them. Furthermore, despite lower iPhone sales in Europe as expected by Apple, iPhone has moved into 5th position there.

According to Pete Cunningham, senior analyst, Canalys, considering limited operator and country coverage, Apple has shown that it can make a difference, which has sent a wake-up call to the market leaders in the mobile phone industry. Moreover, research by Canalys shows that Apple has leaped to the third place in the global smart phone market by selling 2,321,000 iPhones worldwide, providing it a 6.5 percent share, regardless of having gone on sale only in June 2007.

Rolling along, the iPhone is an attractive phone to look at. Also, it has a range of brilliant options and innovative designs. However, the iPhone comes locked to a single operator, which means that if you want the phone, you also need to sign a contract with the carrier as well.

For example, you might wonder that if you purchased an iPhone in the USA, you might want to know if it will work here in India. The answer is that purchasing an iPhone in the United States gets you into an iPhone specific contract with the American operator - AT&T, so the phone will not work in India, as it is locked to AT&T in the United States.

Surely, many individuals in India will be curious and inquisitive about the iPhone. The first look at an iPhone reveals its extraordinary small size. It is only 11 mm thick with a high-resolution 3.5in touch screen and it weighs only about 135 grams. Unexpectedly, there is no keyboard, because Apple created a virtual keyboard that gets displayed on the screen. It houses very few buttons on the body, and they too are flush with the design. The home button is an exception because it is discreetly placed on the front of the phone.

There's every thing in the iPhone that you can virtually dream of. It is a wide screen iPod, mobile phone, and internet communications device that includes a television, movie player, computer phone, GPS, camera, and iPod - all bundled into one. Apple has utilized the magic of technology to integrate all this in one single device and present it to the 21st century generation. There's so much in this 11 mm wonder.

Let's examine some additional features that the iPhone has. It comes bundled with a host of options like with a 2-megapixel camera, headphone jack, sleep/wake switch, speaker and microphone. Besides this, there's a SIM card slot that is located at the top of the phone. Connectivity frills include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and support for EDGE technology.

The sleekness of the phone instantly draws your attention and you at once would like to feel it. The entire phone is completely touch activated, which means that you point a finger to an icon and touch the screen to launch the relevant program. This makes navigation an easy task on this phone considering the number of applications and the overall functionality of this phone.

With the help of navigation, there's no need to punch buttons or frantically search and dial numbers. You just touch the number or the name of the person, and voila! You can connect to that person in a jiffy. The iPhone also allows you to merge calls in conference mode. Instead of going through all the voice mails one by one, the iPhone innovatively lets you see all the messages and decide which one you want to listen to.

The iPod constituent of the phone allows you to listen to over 16 hours of music in one single charge. The selection of songs is also simple, since you just point to the song to activate it. The iPhone is also a mini internet computer that makes use of the Safari Browser. This browser fully includes a built in Google and Yahoo search. At the same time, it can also access email and read a webpage alongside.

People in India will still have to wait to lay their hands on an official version of the phone. Across the world, the iPhone has been dubbed as a revolutionary phone. However none of the features that it supports are new to the mobile phone market. The revolution is in how Apple has combined all this information into the iPhone for the users to create a new experience that will propel this notion forward. Certainly, the aesthetic beauty of the product is going to reflect positively on Apple's earnings!

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