Why is there no FM Radio For iPhone

iPhones have great amount of features and have tools that are way ahead of standard cell phone. Add this together with its ease of use and great styling, you have a winner. It also comes with the best of Web 2.0 display and toys.

In fact, the iPhone has many things going for it, but does it have FM radio for iPhone? But for some reason when apple were adding the digital camera, web access to Google maps and all the other cool features, the FM radio was not on the list

"Old school?"

Actually the main reason why there is no FM radio for iPhone is that today, the interest in FM radio is less than in the past. The Internet and TV are dominating the market for eyeballs. This is especially true when you consider the target market Apple is aiming at - young people with disposable income.

After all, it is not the fifties or sixties when radio was central to entertainment and information distribution. Now days the Internet is the first step for most people looking to find out information.

Another possible reason why there is no FM radio for iPhone is that the radio is not a very personable device. It can be a disruptive influence in our lives rather an asset. Of course, if the iPhone had been around when the Sony walkman was invented, chances are that there would certainly have been a radio.

In fact, the Sony walkman had become popular with the public before a radio was added to it. This lack of a radio in the original Walkman can be seen as a reason why manufacturers have not included FM radio for iPhone.

Still, you might wonder if the iPhone can have Internet connectivity, then why is there no FM radio? After all, the iPhone is multi-media should have indeed been included. The answer to this may lie in the fact that there is always iTunes to listen to and thus there is really no need.

However, it is only Apple that can best answer that question. The reasons for omitting this feature would no doubt be due to practicality or maybe lack of need. However, consumers have yet to be informed by Apple regarding and so we can only guess as to the reason why.

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