All About Motorola Two Way Radios

two way radio from motorola
Motorola Corp. is currently one of the largest leading suppliers of two way radios in the industry. They feature a full range of not just two way radios, but also an extensive selection of accessories for the radios that they sell. They span the spectrum from basic economical family models, to the latest in state of the art feature laden commercial style two way radios. Motorola Corp has also been at the cusp of the development and implementation of the latest in compact dry cell battery technology.

A Replacement for Cell Phones

In recent years Motorola two way radios have become so advanced that a growing trend has developed in people using Motorola two way radios in place of their cell phones. It began in the the work place by people discovering the convenient flexibility and ease of use of two way radios for communications throughout the day. Quite simply, people were growing to prefer two way radios over cell phones after trying them out at their jobs.

Unlimited Free Calls

Of course, you can't make radio calls to a person that doesn't also have a two way radio, so they are still keeping and using their cell phones. However; for day in, day out contact and communication between family and friends, people everywhere are discovering that they can completely bypass their cell phone company and cell phone charges by using a two way radio.

Two Bands

All two way radios use one of two frequency bands and they are known as FRS, or Family Radio Service band and GMRS, or General Mobile Radio Service band. The GMRS band is specifically used for longer range two way radios, meaning anything over two miles, while the FRS band is for short range two way radios of two miles or less.

Motorola Uses Two Bands

In general, you will find that most two way radios on the market function exclusively with one band or another. Motorola radios on the other hand, differ in that most of the models that Motorola has available are capable of taking advantage of either one of these two bands.

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