Choosing A Satellite TV Receiver

The quality of your satellite TV receiver is the second most important factor in determining the quality of your satellite TV experience, next only to the size of your satellite dish. Buy only advanced satellite TV receiver components if you want more flexibility and better viewing options.

Satellite TV receiver basics

If you rely on your TV for news and information, then you need a satellite TV receiver that can at least record your favorite news shows while you are away, so you can watch them later. You should be able to control everything with push-button simplicity. Most providers let you either buy or lease a satellite TV receiver. Here’s your guide to choosing the best.

DVR satellite TV receiver

Having a satellite TV receiver with DVR or digital video recorder capability is like having a time machine – you can rewind, pause, and also record live television. With this gadget, you can actually watch the programs you want on your own time – no more rushing to get home to catch your favourite shows. Choose only user-friendly satellite TV receiver recorders that provide at least two weeks of program listings. It should also have search capabilities – you will find this very useful when looking for the show you want.

HD receiver satellite TV receiver

If your TV set is already high-definition (HD) capable, then you should definitely buy only a high-definition satellite TV receiver. Doing so will let you take full advantage of your subscriber’s selection of HD programs – imagine seeing all your favourite TV personalities with more clarity and detail. Most satellite TV providers offer anywhere from 15 to 28 high definition 15 channels – from movies, sports, TV shows, and even concerts. Enjoy stunning high-resolution details with an HD satellite TV receiver. Invest in this gadget now, because major satellite TV providers are planning to roll out more than 100 new HD channels in the coming years.

HD DVR satellite TV receiver

Hybrid HD-DVR satellite TV receivers gives you the best of both worlds – superior clarity and detail of HD broadcasts plus the power to rewind, pause, and record live television. Most units can record more than 200 hours of TV shows in standard definition and about 50 hours of TV shows in HD. Most hybrid satellite TV receivers also have interactive program guides so you can instantly access two weeks worth of program listings.

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