Apple Sat Nav

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Technology giants Apple have recently filed a patent for a sat nav system that will focus on driver safety. The company stated details of the device in an 11 page document. The satellite navigation device could come as standard in a vehicle or could even be used via a docking station. In the document Apple states that there have been many incidents on the roads where sat navs have proved to be a danger to drivers, for instance, when the driver is focusing on the device rather than the roads accidents can be more common. As a result of this, they have stated in the 11 page document that their sat nav device would focus on driver safety. In an attempt to help remedy this, Apple has come up with a touch screen sat nav which will include a loudspeaker and hands-free voice commands which will enable the driver to concentrate more on the roads rather than the sat nav. An interesting study that took place at the beginning of this year showed that regularly using sat navs could mean an increased risk of suffering from car sickness. In-car navigation systems of the future are said to promote green driving by telling the driver when to change gear to maximise fuel economy and chastising the motorist if they are driving erratically. In an effort to make cars safer the car company Mazda has developed an early warning system, which applies the brakes early if it decides a crash is unavoidable. The car also has the ability to assess road conditions itself as well. If you’re interested in buying a sat nav, the best thing to do is to shop online so that you can compare the features and the prices and make sure you get the model that is exactly what you’re looking for.

Apple’s satellite navigation system will focus on driver safety and will include features that make the device a safer one to use on the roads. A recent study showed that sat navs could mean an increased risk of suffering from car sickness. To find the best deals on sat navs it’s best to shop online

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