What Is Cellular Gps System?

gps on cell phone
GPS system is a technology that can give your exact position anywhere on the earth. To avail of this technology, you need a special GPS receiver that can receive signals from satellites. GPS system is a not a new technology and has been around for sometime. It was initially used by the military but has now been equipped in the cell phone of millions of users for convenient usage.

The GPS or the Global Positioning system global navigation satellite system (GNSS) developed by the United States Department of Defense and managed by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. Initially, cell phone companies did not want to put GPS receivers into cell phones. But several years ago, the Federal Communications Commission required them to come up with a way to locate their customers for rescue workers and 911 calls.

Specially designed cellular GPS phones can help you to locate your exact position, wherever you are! This type of cell phone technology can certainly make you feel better when traveling because if you got lost, broke down or run into trouble you can be tracked by this technology and receive help. GPS receivers come in a variety of formats, from devices integrated into cars, phones, and watches, to dedicated devices. They can cost a few thousand rupees to lakhs, depending on the use.

GPS has become quite popular in India among fleet management companies. GPS allows real-time vehicle tracking which enable transportation industry and delivery services. It can be efficiently used in almost any business that depends on precise location information. GPS has applications in the following areas: Surveying, field data collection, yellow pages, tourism, infrastructure and communication.

Hence, you can see that cellular GPS system is quite useful for you and it would be good if you purchase cell phones equipped with this technology! The GPS technology is simply amazing!

Article By: Mary R Thomas

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