Magellan GPS

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Magellan GPS is preferred by many as the GPS navigation system of choice due to its versatility, and adaptability. These GPS systems can be permanently mounted in your vehicle, or can be used as a handheld GPS device. They are capable of providing not only directions for driving, but also can provide real-time traffic updates and weather updates.

A Magellan GPS can be used in many ways. As you travel in unfamiliar cities or states you will save navigation time by using a Magellan Global Positioning System receiver to get you where you want to go. No more asking for directions that could be inaccurate. Just tell your system where you are, and where you want to go, and it will calculate the route for you. It can even help you by-pass toll highways if you want. It is your choice. These GPS units can also be used as a car-tracking device. If your vehicle is stolen, the police can track the signal from the GPS unit, so your vehicle can be located and recovered.

Magellan GPS units are available in numerous types and models. Each model has its specialty. However, most can be used for various applications. Some models have full color displays, which means color maps and superb graphics that are easy to view. A majority of the products are waterproof and all are very rugged. You an also get units that are touch screen enabled, and provide the ability to view in 2D or 3D. And of course the voice alerts provide you with simple instructions to follow as you drive so you can concentrate on your driving. Re-routing capabilities will help you get back on track if for some reason you have missed a turn, or an exit. You can even exclude roads that you would prefer to avoid, and spell-check streets that someone may have mis-spelled on you.

You will also be able to identify side streets, or shortcuts to highways that will decrease your time driving. Getting low on fuel? Whether it is fuel for your car, or fuel for your body, you will easily be able to locate gas stations and restaurants so you can re-fuel.

Magellan GPS systems also use Bluetooth technology that will allow you to use your cell phone hands-free, while navigating the streets of a new area. Address books are built in so you can store routes that you travel frequently but don’t want to have to remember. Plus, that frequent journey can be made easier if there is an accident or construction. Your GPS unit will find a fast way around the disruption. Long-lasting batteries will provide the information you need when you need it, and hundreds of maps are available for easy download. You may not even need to download any maps as most automotive GPS units come pre-loaded with Canadian and US maps ready to go.

If you, or a loved one travels often, you would be well served to get a GPS system from Magellan. Then you can be assured to get where you want to go as simply and directly as possible.

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