My Review of the JVC Digital Video Camera

jvc video camera
My brother is an amateur film-maker. It was he who introduced me to the wonderful JVC digital video camera. He loved it so much that I was tempted to buy one of my own. After a few years I finally had enough dough to purchase my very own JVC digital video camera. I had no idea that I would be in for quite a surprise.

After buying it I began a thrilling adventure as an amateur film-maker. The quality you get from this amazing camera was close to that of feature length films made in Hollywood. As long as you have proper lighting, and acquire a competent sound boom, you can make a decent movie with the help of a JVC digital video camera. All at the cost of the camcorder and the editing software needed to put your movie together.

I become hooked with the idea of being a film-maker after trying out my JVC digital video camera. Watching movies is great, but it pales in comparison to the thrill you can get from making your own movie. I was also able to involve my fiend’s in my new found hobby.

We would fashion out a script and with my JVC digital video camera and a few necessary filming equipment, we were on our way in making a potential blockbuster. It usually takes a couple of weeks to finish a respectable twenty minute film.

We would then get together and watch the finished product and try to figure out ways to improve our project. The JVC digital video camera is also excellent for filming the final project. WE entered our project in a amateur movie contest and although we have yet to win a competition our work elicited a good bit of encouraging feedback.

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