Review Of Music System & ipod

Sonos Digital Music System
Review Of Sonos Digital Music System
Features and Design

The Sonos Digital Music System is a self-contained package comprised of ZP100 ZonePlayers, a two-fisted handheld controller and optional speakers. Finished in the now-familiar iPod gray and white, the ZonePlayers don’t look like traditional audio gear. The ZonePlayer’s 10.2 x 8.2 x 4.4-inch footprint is narrower than the standard 17-inch width of analog-age components. Built in is a 50-watt-per-channel amp, which contributes to most of the Zone Player’s 10-pound bulk.
The rear jack pack of each player features spring-style binding posts. That means no wrapping wire or screwing in posts. You just press and release, a refreshingly simple design. Oddly, though, while the posts on the rear of the ZP100 are red and gray to discern between left and right channels, the wire that ships with Sonos isn’t color-coded to match. That would have been a nice finishing touch, since Sonos speakers also use red and black posts.
Also on the back are a quartet of Ethernet jacks, an analog audio input for, say, an MP3 or CD player, and an audio output including subwoofer out for connection to a home theater receiver. A power cord completes the section. At least one ZonePlayer in a Sonos system has to tether to a router (the other zone controllers operate wirelessly over the mesh network), and then the others can operate wirelessly. The remaining Ethernet jacks on a Sonos ZonePlayer can be used to connect to a PC or other network storage devices.
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apple iPod nano
Review of iPod Nano

I’ve been keen to test the all-new iPod Nano ever since I attend the open here in Mumbai and held one for the first time. Some of you may be conscious that I’m not chiefly fond of the iPod, but amazing about the newer crop, including the Touch, appeal to me. I still hate that most of the time I’m restricted to using iTunes, but yet I got my hands on the Nano. And let me inform you, I had quite a time!
I wholly love the new and improved design. It’s really slim with a great 2-inch, 320 x 240 pixel resolution display. Apple has made sure that it fits the profile of a ideal workout device, with dimensions of 2.75 x 2.06 x 0.26 inches and a weight of just 49.2 grams.
Even with Cover flow technology and new features and games, the product looks familiar. If you’ve seen one iPod before you’ve pretty much seen them all, eh? And so, the essential iPodness has been keep with the helm and the product comes to an end. The Hold switch is located at the bottom.
Features and Performance
Sometimes I wonder why manufacturers make audio devices with EQ presets that make negligible dissimilarity to the sound. Apple’s iPod doesn’t really need EQ presets. What I would have liked is a customizable option. Nevertheless the sound quality is enhanced than plain old ‘good’. It’s an iPod after all.
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